Product configurators

Ingenious product configurators represent the variants of customizable products in a clear way. All technical characteristics and dependencies, like minimum and maximum measurements, are included. So even a user without background knowledge is able to easily configure his individual product. The ingenious product configurators are usable by in-house staffers and customers in an online shop as well.

Example online product configurator


Product configurators for the shutters and shades industry

Configurators are used in many trades, for example in the shutters and shades industry. Each product type is available in different models and styles. A rolling shutter can be produced for front mounting or top mounting, sometimes only a box or only the curtain is needed. Customers can choose from different forms, colors, sizes, materials and controls. All these options are presentable in a configurator.


The range of shading-products for the house vary from awnings, screen blinds, venetian blinds for external mounting – via interior shading products like pleated blinds, vertical blinds – to textile blinds and roofs for terrace and wintergarden.


Further configurators of that industry:

  • Garage doors: rolling doors, sliding doors, security doors, industrial rolling doors
  • Insect screening: rolling insect screens, sliding insect screens, integrated insect screens, hinged frame insect screens, fixed frame insect screens
  • Automatic systems: remote controls, home automation
  • Controls: cord, crank, motor, motor, motor with remote control


Product-configurator / web configurator

As individual the products of a company are, as individual are the configurators for selection of the options. An ingenious product configurator is arranged clearly. The amount of the options and their design can differ on user groups. Beside classic controls like checkbox, drop-downs and text fields additional modern controls like radio-buttons, picture-buttons and sliders are available in online configurators. With that a web configurator can be well designed. Customers are supported in the configuration by additional descriptions and preview pictures with true to scale engineering drawings that are created in real time.



The ingenious product configurators development kit is seemlessly integrated in all ingenious software products (ingenious.basic, ingenious.V12, ingenious.PPS, ingenious.WEB). The configurators are the base for the calculation and the production. It doesn’t make a difference whether the configuration is done by in-house staff, field staff, by dealers or by end customers online. All orders will be stored directly in the central ingenious database.

Ingenious product configurators can also be integrated in solutions of other software manufacturer or they can complement other existing software by interfaces. A coupling with Microsoft Navision, Microsoft AX2012, SAP and various individual solutions were already done in customer projects.


Profit for the company

The benefit for a company that uses one product configurator or more locally and in the web, is obvious.


  • In the in-house order entry: Mistakes with the configuration and calculation are minimized.
  • Order by dealer: Transmission errors for example with a fax are excluded, a double entry of an order is avoided.
  • Order entry by field staff: The sales man can easily configure products for the customer on-site. He can directly present the quote to his customer.
  • Order / Request by end customer: Customers can assemble the preferred product and try alternatives on the company’s website. They feel free in choosing the products and are able to directly calculate price differences of the variants. The effort of the order entry is shifted from the internal staff to the customer.


Product configurators for other trades

Best-known are product configurators in the automotive industry. On each website of the big automotive manufacturers a prospective buyer is able to configure his individual car. He can choose the model, color, interior and more. He sees a preview of his car and the list price.

One desires such a configurator also on other product websites. An ingenious product configurator is not industry specific. The configurators can be used for different products. And – contrary to the most online PHP configurators – the ingenious product configurators are integrated in the merchandise planning and control or ERP system and are available in the web and locally for the internal order entry as well. Online requests and orders are directly entered in the company’s database.


Configurators are recommended for the following products (Selection):


Furniture configurator (modular system)

  • Tables: a round, oval, rectangular, square tabletop of wood, glass, metal – with three or four table-legs – with individual measurements…
  • Shelfes: diverse widths, weights, depths, combinations, materials, amount of shelf boards,…


Computer configurator

  • individual pc: selection of processor, RAM, disk, monitor, keyboard, mouse, warranty extensions,…


Bicycle configurator

  • City-bike, touring bike, mountain bike,… for women, men and kids; selection of frame height, frame color, tires, gearing, accessories,…


Promotional items

individual promotional gifts with model selection, logo-print, engraving,…


Individuelle T-Shirts gestalten mit dem T-Shirt Konfigurator


Product bundles

The product configurators are also perfectly suited to let customers assemble individual product bundles. In these bundles discounts can be included compared to buying the products separately.